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Belief Statements

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Belief Statements

Gators Believe Everyone Succeeds!


  1. We believe education should give all students the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed.
  2. We believe education is an ever-changing lifelong process and education should foster the desire to be a lifelong learner.
  3. We believe students, parents, school personnel and community all have a shared responsibility for student learning.
  4. We believe students of today will live in a different future and we must prepare them to confront new challenges.
  5. We believe all available resources must be utilized to provide the highest quality of education possible.
  6. We believe each person has intrinsic worth and therefore must be accepted and treated with dignity.
  7. We believe learning is best achieved in a safe and caring environment.
  8. We believe communication between home and school is essential.
  9. We believe all students can learn and learn in different ways.
  10. We believe a student’s self-esteem is enhanced by positive relationships and mutual respect among and between students and staff.
  11. We believe success is measured by student growth and learning, not just through report card grades and academic achievement.