School Profile

Gladesboro Elementary School
7845 Snake Creek Road
Hillsville, Virginia 24343   
Principal: F. Gene Hawks
Grades : Prekindergarten - 5th Grade
Mascot: Gator    
School Colors: Green and Gold
Instructional Hours: 8:00 am– 3:15 pm
Office Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Gladesboro Elementary School derives its name from "Gladesborough," a name given to the area around 1850 by Sara Cook, a descendant of the first settlers who sought refuge following the Revolutionary War. She was amazed by the glades leading into the community from various directions. When a name was needed to establish a Post Office, the spelling was changed to Gladesboro, which then became the official name for the area. Gladesboro still remains a small rural community today. The current school was built in 1955. In 2001, additional administrative offices, classrooms, gymnasium, and media center were constructed to provide state-of-the-art facilities for our students.

 The mission of Gladesboro Elementary School is to establish a strong foundation for life long learning for all students.
Gators Believe Everyone Succeeds!
Enrollment: 127     White:  89%     Hispanic:  11%


Title 1 Math/Reading, Special Education, Speech Therapy, English Language Learners (ELL), Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening, Character Education/Guidance, SOL Academic Tutoring (Grades: 3-5), Family Life Education (Grades: 3-5), and 4-H (Grades: 4-5)
Gladesboro Elementary School students may receive free or reduced meal plans if their family income meets eligibility requirements. For more information regarding our meal plan options please contact school administration.

Meal Prices
Student Breakfast $0.95
Student Lunch $1.75
Reduced priced $0.40
Student carton of milk $ 0.50
Adult Breakfast $1.50
Adult Lunch $2.50